Electric Cars – Improving the Safety of EVs with GPS Tracking

It is clear that vehicle tracking systems are excellent for route planning and keeping your EV maintained, but security is still a major issue for EV owners. Vehicle tracking devices offer state-of-the-art features that can be used to boost the security o

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Improving Safety Against Keyless Car Theft & Relay Hacks

How to improve the safety of luxury cars against Keyless Car Theft & Relay Hacks.

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Personal GPS Tracking For Improving the Safety of Students

Using a Personal Locator for tracking children in real-time, parents are able to improve their security.

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Improving Safety Of Fleet Vehicle Drivers | The Huffington Post

According to

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Ensuring Children Safety with GPS Tracking | Huffington Post

Child’s safety has definitely become the biggest cause of worry in recent times. A good number of reports are registered on a daily basis of missing chil…

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